Yes Say No to Sharing

Come the end of the month business partners connecting fewer than 500 handsets through Yes Telecom will no longer receive any revenue share.
From July 1st Yes Telecom will only pay BPs who have reached 500 connections or more the 3% revenue share.

Nigel Kaye, Yes Telecom’s marketing head said it was about addressing the retention issue ‘We will give BPs the reward for their base. It is a mechanism to make them think a little bit more. Financially, as well, we have to set limits. So this will let us reward our BPs more for ongoing growth.’

If that wasn’t incentive enough,  Kaye presented the latest sales incentive at their latest Business Forum, inspired by the travels of a certain heroic archaeologist.

“Yes Telecom and the Marrakech Adventure” will see BPs earning “Q-Factor” points based on their performance on connections, reducing Churn and increased ARPU over the next 6 months in order to win a luxury trip of a lifetime to Marrakech, Morocco.
Relaxing in opulent 5-Star accommodation, BPs will stimulate their senses with quad bike racing across the desert, experience exquisite views on majestic balloon rides and delve into the local culture with magnificent horsemanship.

Each business partner attending the forum also received the new BlackBerry Curve.

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