Golf Society – General Information

New Members

Any new member joining the society will be asked to provide a valid handicap certificate.
If you provide a certificate then you will be given your full handicap allowance from the first event.
If you do not have a valid certificate you will be asked what you play off with the maximum allowable handicap of 24 for men & 32 for women.
If a player states that they play off a handicap less than 24 they will be given ¾’s of their handicap for the first 2 consecutive events played. After two events they will be given a society handicap based upon their performance. The maximum handicap for an established member will be 28 for a man and 36 for a woman.

Winning events

Players who place first and therefore win our events will be cut shots based upon their handicap. Cuts will be as follows;
Players with handicap of: 

1-9 1 shot 
10-18 2 shots 
19-28 4 shots
The same handicap cut will be applied for the golfer winning the Overall event and being crowned Channel Golfer of the Year however if he also wins the final event of the year he will only be cut once as per the above.

Scores over 40 points

Players who return score card showing 40 or more points will be cut according to handicap as follows;
Players with handicap of:
1-18 1 shot
19-28 2 shots

Scores under 24 points

Players who return score cards with less than 24 points for two consecutive events will have shots added to their handicap as follows;
Players with handicap of:
1-18 1 shot
19-28 2 shots

Marking of score cards

Score cards must be marked correctly including shots taken AND Stableford points score. Cards MUST be signed by both the player and the marker. All players MUST return score cards in the spirit of the game.

Putting out

All putts must be holed out – no gimmies.

Mixing abilities

All players to have groups of mixed ability. The two main reasons for this are that experienced players can offer assistance, encourage speedier play and teach less experienced golfers the rules and etiquette. Secondly our members will get to play and network with more people which is what we are all about.;


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