Connectivity – Channel Guide to Enabling Business – Synopsis

We have been talking about Next Generation Networks (NGN/NGA) for a while now but the reality is that these next gen technologiesare being deployed and implemented now and with the increasing availability of Generic Ethernet Access (GEA from Openreach) some would say that we are on the cusp of a ‘super-fast’ revolution that is due to take place throughout the next 12-24 months that will see much faster and reliable access at very attractive pricing.


Of course this principle of getting more for less is not new in the IT and comms sectors so we can probably expect to see ever-faster access solutions in the future for sure.

Today, faster, reliable and more cost effective access is enabling business to get on with their business.

It is also opening up a vast array of opportunities for new applications at the same time which in turn is creating an exciting scenario for the channel.

However this ever changing and fast moving market presents problems for many resellers – how to keep abreast of all the developments and which solution and suppliers are best suited to their customer applications. Providing assistance in solving those issues is one of the main objectives of this publication.

According to recent research by networking giant Cisco, business IP traffic is expected to grow by an average of 22% between 2010 and 2015. It’s not just about volume however – it’s also about type – or content. How can we help our customers with faster access to the data they need?

The significant increase in business data traffic is largely the result of new corporate utilisation of information and communication technology (ICT). Corporations are moving more and more of their IT workload, including data storage and management, from on-premise systems to services offered via network. These include not only infrastructure and platforms as a service, but also software as a service, such as for email and business applications. These so-called ‘cloud computing’ services have been rapidly growing for years and represent one of the leading sources of increased business data traffic on networks. Furthermore, many global corporations are taking advantage of the borderless nature of cloud-based services, which can be accessed anywhere in the world, to significantly increase data traffic across national borders.

According to the results of a study by analyst firm Gartner, the cloud services market will continue its meteoric rise, reaching 152.1 billion dollars in 2014 and 176.8 billion dollars in 2015. Such growth will greatly expand international data traffic.

It’s not just business use that is driving up data volumes. Recent explosive growth in network data traffic is largely being driven by expanding Internet usage. In particular, networks are handling more data-rich content and rising traffic from mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablet computers.

Significant growth in the use of frequently accessed social network sites and high-volume content like films and games is having a dramatic impact. Worldwide, total IP traffic is expected to grow an average of 32% annually, between 2010 and 2015, reaching approximately 80 exabytes (80 million terabytes) per month by 2015 according to research by networking vendor Cisco.

The Channel Guide to Connectivity needs to provide resellers with the latest information by asking and answering questions on the key issues.

  • The guide will include an at-a-glance reference point for readers to understand the differences between different access technologies and guidance on which method is best for certain applications.
  • We will provide a comprehensive supplier matrix showing who does what when it comes to products they can deliver to the channel.
  • What factors should a VAR consider when debating whether to go the wholesale route or to buy from an aggregator.
  • How do resellers differentiate themselves from their competition – is this all about price and selecting the right channel partner?
  • What is ‘Super Fast’ access all about? What will users actually get out of it?
  • Just how good is FTTP? Is it worth the money? Where can you get it?
  • What is the state of play with the key carriers networks and what can they offer a channel partner?
  • What is the role of the aggregator in the supply mix?
  • In a supply market saturated with terminology and buzzwords, it’s easy for resellers to pre-judge customers’ requirements and propose the wrong access products. Getting it wrong can be costly in terms of lost opportunity or lost trust. We need to explain the need to think carefully about what customers are trying to achieve and understand the key technical implications and requirements of the technologies they are using or want to use so that the correct access medium is deployed. What are the questions to ask to arrive at the right solution?
  • Case studies are welcome, preferably SME based or branch networking examples. ROI must be indicated
  • Reseller comment is required. As well as answers to many of the above questions tell us your experiences. What suppliers do you work with?


Deadline for Submissions – 31/5/2013 but please send any answers to the synopsis questions ASAP to Call 07818 043276