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February 2022

Submit to: charlotte.hathway@markallengroup.com
Deadline: 16:00 GMT Friday 7th January 2022

Apprenticeships: Bringing new blood to the Channel

Long-term success in the Channel rests on nurturing the next generation of leaders. Apprenticeships are emerging as one way to bring in new talent and shape their development so future leaders develop the skills they will need. This feature will examine why apprenticeships might be a good option for channel companies, how to develop a great apprenticeship programme.

We will ask:

  • Why might a company consider developing an apprenticeship programme?
  • How should a company go about developing the programme?
  • Are there any organisations that can assist channel companies with setting these up? What support is provided?
  • Any case studies of successful apprenticeship programmes run by channel companies. Comments from existing or previous apprentices would be great too.

Marketplaces: Disruption and opportunity

The popularity of online marketplaces has soared throughout the pandemic and, whilst the Channel is no stranger to e-commerce, the growth of marketplaces over the past few years has been a source of concern for some partners. We will discuss the impact of marketplaces and their place in the channel ecosystem.

We will ask:

  • What risks and opportunities do marketplaces present for the Channel?
  • Will partners need to adjust their business models if they bring marketplaces into their offerings? How?
  • Where do add-on services fit into a marketplace-first strategy?
  • Can partners still have long-term success without getting involved in marketplaces? If so, what do they need to change to remain competitive?

Vertical: Healthcare

This feature will examine the opportunities, challenges and market movements that are impacting partners selling into the healthcare sector. We are looking for insight from vendors, distributors and partners that sell technologies and products to the NHS and private healthcare businesses.

We will ask:

  • What technologies are in demand in the health sector?
  • Are there any technologies that aren’t currently in demand, but you expect healthcare organisations to require in the near future?
  • Has the pandemic changed purchasing habits in this sector? If so, will those changes be permanent?
  • For vendors: Have you seen any partners creatively tailor a product specifically for healthcare customers?
  • Case studies of projects involving a reseller or MSP and a healthcare customer.

2022 features, supplements and focus months


Month Market report #1 Market report #2 Market report #3 Supplement
January Selling in 2022 Adding to your portfolio Mental health
February Apprenticeships: Bringing new blood to the Channel Marketplaces: Disruption and opportunity Vertical: Healthcare
March Channel Live Preview Project Gigabit: One year since the launch Creating value: Tackling threats to the Channel ecosystem Channel Profiles
April MSPs Vertical: Finance and banking Mobile World Congress review
May Cloud ESG: The blueprint for Channel success? Data and analytics
June Building powerful partnerships Cybersecurity Vertical: Leisure and entertainment IP Telephony Guide
July Adding value with Microsoft SD-WAN Hardware and its place in the Channel ecosystem
August Master agents: The right fit for the UK? Developing a compelling mobile offering Learning and development
September UC and collaboration APIs Vertical: Education The road to full-fibre
October The future of telephony Billing and monetisation solutions Distributors
November IoT Call and contact centres Vertical: Transport and logistics
December Preview of 2023 5G Corporate finance: mergers, acquisitions and raising finance

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