10 Gigabit Network Cabling Basics for IT Professionals

Siemon has launched a new e-book about 10 Gigabit cabling by noted industry experts Valerie Maguire (Rybinski) and Carrie Higbie. Developed in response to the growing global market adoption of 10 Gigabit networks, this comprehensive book provides an in-depth overview designed to guide IT professionals through the implementation of a 10 Gigabit capable infrastructure.

Subjects covered in the book include available technologies, performance standards, implementation best practices, total cost of ownership planning and actionable recommendations on a wide array of 10 Gigabit cabling challenges.

The contents list includes: Choosing cabling based on cabling lifecycles and total cost of ownership (TCO), Guide to current cabling standards from category 5e to category 7A and a brief guide to Alien Crosstalk

The authors are both recognised industry experts and between them have published over 140 technical articles and white papers. Carrie Higbie is Siemon’s director of global data centre services and she participates in IEEE, the Ethernet Alliance and IDC Enterprise Expert Panel.

Valerie Maguire participates in working groups responsible for the development and publication of telecommunications standards such as the pending TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10 (category 6A) and TIA/EIA-568-C.2 (future revision of ‘568-B.2) documents. She is the chair of the TIA TR-42.7 copper cabling sub-committee and TIA TR-42 appointed liaison to IEEE 802.3.

Commenting on the launch of the 10 Gigabit book, Graeme Stoker, marketing manager for Siemon EMEA, said “This is a vital document for anyone in IT responsible for networking or anyone considering infrastructure to support 10 Gigabit. It is written in a clear and practical way and is of value both as a source of immediate information and for longer term reference.”

Entitled “10 Gigabit Network Cabling Basics,” this free 26 page book is written for IT professionals and is available for download at www.siemon.com/uk

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