20 million O2 customers due for massive savings says Barclay Comms

O2 Centre of Excellence Partner, Barclay Communications, is offering financial relief to potentially 20 million O2 customers as it embarks on a massive money saving campaign.

Business telecommunications dealer, Barclay Communications, is now offering its customers free landline to mobile and free mobile¬ to landline calls.

Director of Barclay Communications, Adrian McCourt, commented on the company’s thinking behind the deal: “Knowing that 50% of all landline calls are to mobile phones, we realised our customers could receive huge cost savings if they got these calls for free. We had to do it! We had to think outside the box and develop a really fresh offer for our mobile and landline business clients, and what an incentive. This is unheard of in the UK.”

Now thanks to its unique partnership with O2, Barclay Communications can offer customers 10 free landline numbers to call from their mobile phones. While customers of their Barclay Telecom Service will receive free landline to O2 mobile calls, in addition to free conference calling and low cost international calls.

It is the second time this year O2 and Barclay have made the headlines together. In April O2 passed over the management of £16 million worth of O2 small and medium business customers to Barclay Communications.

McCourt commented on how the service will benefit businesses:
“Business is tough at the moment, and we want to ensure our customers don’t economise on communication technology that is designed to cut travel and time costs; it would just be counter productive. This offer is here to increase savings, continue businesses efficiency and communication flexibility. When we were putting this offer together we wanted something to really make the communication buyers sit up and take note. No other company in the UK offers this deal or anything that comes close to it. It’s groundbreaking.”

While this deal is great for UK businesses, Barclay Communications also hope it will increase their landline presence throughout the UK, said McCourt.

He added: “Barclay Telecom is more than just a landline with free mobile calls, and this offer lets businesses realise the additional savings and business benefits they could receive with Barclay Telecom and its PocketPBX technology, which links mobile and landline functionalities with things such as call transferring, low cost international calls and hunt numbers.”

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