2012 – The Year Data Gets Serious

Broadband provider, BE Wholesale, has released its 2012 predictions for the channel industry, advising partners to make the necessary preparations in order to take advantage of the opportunities ahead.

Based on feedback from partners, as well as its own internal research and development, BE Wholesale predicts three key trends for the channel in 2012:

1. The cloud grows up – 2011 has seen higher uptake in the cloud across the channel as businesses look at more efficient ways to deal with data. 2012 will be about embracing the cloud and businesses will look to take advantage of the added value it offers. Upstream will become far more important, so reliable connectivity is key to ensuring client retention.

2. Unlimited usage and fixed pricing will be invaluable – As the Olympic Games take over London, the strain on UK networks will increase and data usage could potentially be enormous, with many events taking place during business hours. This could play havoc by slowing down, or, in extreme cases, even crashing office networks, so it goes without saying that a reliable network is critical. However just as important are the benefits of a fixed pricing model, together with unlimited usage, allowing businesses to control their Internet spend and avoid any additional expense when the Games are all over.

3. Mobile data gets serious – 4G implementation is planned for 2013 and mobile data traffic growth expected to mushroom 26-fold by 2015, helped along by a 10-fold increase in connection speeds. Businesses are realising that ‘The PC is no longer King’ and 2012 is the time when the channel can get involved with wholesale mobile data in the anticipation of 4G.

Dan Cunliffe, Head of BE Wholesale, comments: “Next year will be an interesting time for the broadband industry, massive growth isn’t necessarily on the horizon but the channel is looking for a more superior product that can deliver business critical functions.”

Companies will be searching for products that can help them adapt to an environment which can cope with the continuing avalanche of data, ensure faster upload and manage the movement of mobile data in the channel, according to Cunliffe.

“It is essential that channel partners, with their experience and expertise, make the necessary preparations to ensure a successful 2012, which is set to be the year data gets serious,” he added.

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