21CN: Knowledge is Power

Communications and Data Centre specialist Node4 is embarking upon a national awareness campaign to help businesses understand the implications of BT’s 21CN project. The multi- billion pound upgrade to the BT network across the UK affords a wealth of opportunity to end users, but following extensive customer feedback, Node4 has recognised a lack of awareness amongst the business community.

Many businesses are unaware of the benefits that the services, provided over the 21CN network, has to offer their businesses. Node4 will be hosting a series of initiatives over the coming months to educate the marketplace including free regional workshops, jargon-free online information and a national awareness programme.

In the current tough economic climate many businesses are looking to reduce operational costs whilst maintaining and improving business critical services.

Node4’s awareness programme will provide details of the changes that have been made to the BT network and explain how businesses of all sizes can benefit from the enhanced services now available. The programme is designed to help businesses understand the new options available and optimise their IT and telecoms systems to increase capability and reduce operational costs.

Paul Bryce, Business Development Director at Node4 explains, “Whilst many people have heard of BT’s 21CN network, the large majority do not understand the relevance to their business. We have found that approximately 70% of people we contacted were unaware of the enhanced services now available across the 21CN network. With so many new packaged products and services available, choosing the right communication solution can be a confusing process. The infrastructure is established, now it’s just a case of helping end users to realise the benefits available”.

Paul continues, “With IT services and telecoms presenting major cost centres for most businesses it is important that the decision makers are armed with the facts. We intend to provide some clarity to demonstrate how greater efficiencies can be achieved in these areas and how the latest improvements in technology can enhance businesses’ activities. BT’s 21CN network will enable many businesses previously priced out of the market to take advantage of a range of complete solutions. Providing a fast return on investment and ongoing efficiencies, the new technologies will be vital to businesses remaining competitive within their respective market places”.

Node4’s extensive in house capabilities allow clients to derive the maximum benefits from BT’s 21CN network. SIPlink (Node4’s SIP service) enables organisations to create a single, IP connection between themselves and their telephone service provider, giving them the ability to make and receive telephone calls and other IP services such as video calls, video conferencing and presence information. Available nationally across the UK, Node4’s new 10Mb, 100Mb, 1Gb and 10Gb services utilise BT’s 21CN enabled node exchanges located around the UK.

Newly available Ethernet services allow business to effectively integrate fast internet access, hosted services from Data Centres and the ability to make and receive phone calls using SIP technology or a hosted IP phone system. These Ethernet packages provided over the 21CN network can provide savings of up to 55% on connection and annual charges compared to a traditional ISDN solution.

With more accessible bandwidth now available over the 21CN network, services such as remote data storage and access become viable options for businesses previously priced out of the market. Node4 Data Centres offer the latest technology in security and resiliencies, ensuring the services required are available when needed with a flexible range of colocation and hosting services.

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