25% Increase in Six Months in IT Jobs Advertised On-line

Online recruitment specialist, www.theitjobboard.com, has reported an increase of 25 percent in the number of IT positions advertised on its website in the past six months. The company now has over 50,000 jobs available for IT professionals, illustrating the buoyancy of the current market. In particular, as more organisations adopt CRM systems, the demand for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) skills has risen 43 percent in six months and 103 percent since July 2006.

www.theitjobboard.com believes that employers are also recognising the power technology has to differentiate them in their marketplace. The company has seen the number of positions advertised for business analysts, who identify and evaluate the commercial need for technology, increase 33 percent in six months. Similarly, developers have seen a rise of 42 percent in positions available to them as companies require IT systems that will give companies their competitive advantage.

Ray Duggins, managing director of www.theitjobboard.com, believes this is an exciting time for technology professionals:

“Clearly plenty of jobs available translates into plenty of choice and real career opportunities. But it runs much deeper than that. Relegated to the back row for so long, technology is finally coming into its own as organisations recognise its power in driving the success of their operations. IT professionals can either focus on a business-related role that has the potential to see them influence boardroom decisions, or develop highly specialist skills such as SAP in order to appeal to a niche market.”

However, www.theitjobboard.com also warns UK employers to take seriously the threat of a skills crisis. Duggins explains: “Very simply, there are not enough skilled and trained IT professionals to fill the number of roles that are available – SAP specialists in particular are in high demand. In the shorter term, employers need to be realistic about the high level of competition they face to attract good candidates and make sure they offer remuneration packages that reflect this. However, looking ahead, the UK as a whole needs to find ways of ensuring that enough people study IT to ensure that the country stays competitive on a global level.”

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