3 Targets SMEs With New Mix And Match Plans

3 Business, the new small business division of mobile operator 3, has launched a range of new deals for small businesses with the introduction of Business Mix and Match plans. 3 say their pricing structure offers customers a new level of value and customisation in their company’s mobile plans, as well as making advanced Internet services like mobile Skype accessible on a business plan for the first time.

Starting from as little as £12.77 per month, 3 Business customers can choose from a compelling range of options for voice minutes, texts, mobile broadband data and handsets. In addition, for the first time on any network, 3’s Business Mix & Match plans offer free Skype calls from mobiles, which enable businesses to stay in touch for free via Internet calling.

Every Business Mix and Match customer will receive 300 free 3-to-3 minutes, free Skype-to-Skype calls, free voicemail and free Instant Messenger. Customers can now select from five plans of flexible minutes or texts they need – for example £12.77 a month for 300 minutes or texts right through to £22.98 a month for 1100 minutes or texts. Depending on the package selected customers also receive further bonus extras including 2000 3-to-3 minutes, 1000 UK texts or 2000 UK landline minutes.

Business Mix and Match also offers customers significant flexibility when choosing handsets. Customers will be able to select new handsets such as Nokia’s N95 or the HTC TyTN II, alongside established handsets such as Nokia’s E61 and 6500 slider.

3 Business has also boosted the value of its Business 600, Business 900 and Flat Rate tariffs, giving customers on these price plans 2000 free 3-to-3 minutes. In addition new customers signing up for 18-months will also receive a 10% discount and those on 24-month contracts will get 25% off their recurring charge (discount applies to sharer member not access fee).

Renato Bottini, 3 Business Division Manager, said: “We’re bringing the same value and innovation that we’ve introduced into the UK consumer market to small businesses. We want to be the best value, to offer the most exciting new services and to give our customers the service levels they expect. Our voice and text offers are market-beating at every level and our mobile Internet services can be used by smart small businesses to drastically reduce monthly bills. At a time when all businesses are looking to control costs and do more on the move, these deals can make a real difference.

“The launch of mobile Skype for business is a real first in the market. Consumers have been taking advantage of free Internet calling on mobile for some time and we’re now enabling small businesses to benefit from this. Whether you’re calling your office in the UK or your customer in Australia, Skype offers free mobile calling and you can’t beat that sort of value.”

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