3CX Launch Cloud Server

3CX has announced the launch of 3CX Cloud Server, which allows 3CX Partners to easily host 3CX Phone System on behalf of their customers. 3CX Cloud Server can now host up to fifty PBXs on one server, providing a fully virtualized 3CX Phone System, which includes access to all advanced 3CX features. With 3CX Cloud Server resellers can retain a direct relationship with their customers, ensuring excellent customer service and good revenue opportunities.

3CX Cloud Server Brings Feature-Rich Solution to the Cloud

Hosted – also referred to as virtual – PBX is often an attractive choice for smaller companies, however with most hosted PBX suppliers it comes at a price.

Existing cloud PBXs are limited to a basic feature set. In addition, these PBXs often have little scope for CRM integration and lack customisability. With an increasingly mobile workforce, the existing cloud PBXs are further falling short by providing only basic clients for Android and iPhone- if offering them at all. With 3CX Cloud Server, which offers a fully virtualized 3CX Phone System, customers seeking a hosted solution are no longer forced to compromise on the quality and features of their phone system.

Channel Friendly Hosted PBX Enables Superior Customer Support

Resellers are able to retain a direct relationship with their customers with 3CX Cloud Server – unlike with other hosted PBX suppliers, who may bypass the reseller to provide support and additional configuration services straight to the customer.

By retaining control of the 3CX Phone System installation, resellers are able to ensure quality of service and customise the phone system to the needs of their customers. This guarantees not only a superior level of customer service, a key differentiator in the competitive PBX market, but also offers resellers the opportunity to increase their revenue.

3CX Provides Easy to Manage Hosting Solution

Moreover, 3CX Cloud Server is simple to administer as each customer is entirely separate from the other, having its own dedicated SIP trunk or Gateway port. As the Cloud Server runs on Windows Server 2012 and uses 3CX Phone System, resellers can leverage their existing Windows knowledge without having to learn a new operating system or software platform to offer the hosted PBX.

By outsourcing telecom call costs and billing to their SIP trunk provider of choice, resellers are able to manage their costs and focus on customer service. SIP trunk providers can enjoy economies of scale by managing the SIP trunks and outsourcing the technical support for the PBX to their resellers. 3CX Cloud Server, which can host up to fifty PBXs on one server, offers resellers, SIP trunk providers and customers an effective hosted PBX solution.

Nick Galea, CEO of 3CX, said “3CX Cloud Server enables our partners to offer a feature-rich PBX to their customers, whilst keeping control of the PBX. Our partners are therefore able to ensure a high level of customer service and can retain a direct customer relationship. Where other hosted PBX vendors tend to bypass the reseller, we work hand in hand with our partners, helping them take full advantage of this new revenue opportunity.”


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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine