3G solution for broadband and leased lines?

Anvil Mobile is offering a new range of Simply Connect 3G stand-alone or backup solutions for critical broadband connections and leased lines. A standard router with an Anvil 3G USIM card provides immediate back up if an internet connection fails; while for high capacity broadband or leased lines supporting high volumes of users and bandwidth hungry applications, up to six Anvil USIMs can be bonded together.

This delivers a much higher number of sessions with enhanced throughput. By bonding multiple Anvil USIM cards, users are able to harness the full bandwidth from each connection. And by operating within the network itself, customers can take advantage of the solution on a cost-effective managed service basis.

Anvil offers 3 and 6 channel options that can accommodate multiple 3G/HSPA USIMs as well as ADSL and Ethernet cards to combine different types of access media. By employing an innovative VPN tunnel technique, the Anvil bonded solution delivers fast, cost-effective and secure company connectivity. And because the Anvil USIM supports VoIP, it also provides an instant voice network as well as data, wherever there is a 3G signal.

“In addition to providing an ideal disaster recovery solution for critical business communications, our bonded 3G services offer high bandwidth for short-term requirements or where fixed lines are not available,” said Ian Philip, CEO at Anvil Mobile. “Applications range from handling video broadcast and high fidelity audio to remote diagnostics and software upgrades, telemedicine and remote data backups.”

Anvil uses a fixed IP address that can be configured into corporate firewalls in order to include the 3G connected devices into the corporate network and resources; and also to provide the same security protection to the remote devices as to those directly connected to the main network. The fixed address also means the router or other device with the USIM card can always be identified, found and securely accessed by other devices and people.

IT staff can use this capability to perform remote diagnostics, software upgrades and to roll out new applications. And while most mobile networks deliberately prevent VoIP traffic and use shared public APNs (Access Point Names) that can cause a dramatic decrease in performance when the network is busy; Anvil uses a private APN with a highly secure Layer 2 connection to deliver high quality, low latency services for voice and data over the Three UK mobile network.

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