3M launches complete system for Category 6A 10Gb/s Cabling

3M, the diversified technology company, has launched its new end-to-end structured copper cabling Volition range for Category 6A copper 10Gb/s Ethernet. The options and types of cable available give installers and consultants a ‘one stop shop’ for the entire cabling system, with easy installation even in confined spaces. Aimed at ‘to the desk’ and data centre applications, the system has also been designed to minimise alien cross-talk. Elements in the Volition range include cables, patch cords, face plates, RJ45 Jacks, and 19” patch panels.

This latest cabling range from 3M draws on more than 40 years’ experience in the networking and telecom industry and is backed by support options including network design and project support, on-site assistance, certified installer training and advice on systems upgrades. 3M provides a 25-year warranty on all its structured cabling systems and adheres to all the main industry standards.

The slim diameter of the cables – just 7.4mm for the Foil over Unshielded Twisted Pairs (FUTP) option – combined with their low minimum bend radius and round shape support installation in confined spaces, usually without needing to modify cable paths or trunk-ways.

The new RJ45 jack in the Volition range does not require any specialist tools and therefore is extremely easy to install. Separate wire guides walk the installer through the process and ensure minimal and consistent wire handling. The jack is also re-usable, so there is no waste even when errors do occur. An automatically closing dust-cover prevents dust particles from accidentally becoming trapped in the jack and potentially causing problems at a later date.

As Category 6A pushes the capabilities of copper to new limits, the risk of interference caused by alien cross-talk (AXT) is increased, particularly in cable patches, RJ45 jacks and racks. 3M says it offers a shielded solution that addresses this challenge. Cable jackets that support low smoke zero halogen requirements are also available as standard.

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