3ple-Media launches ViralTrack

Mobile multimedia specialist, 3ple-Media, has launched Mercury ViralTrack, a solution to offer full viral tracking for image, audio and mobile video content that is passed between subscribers.

While internet tracking is limited to rudimentary tracking by IP address or cookies, ViralTrack enables mobile operators to build deep intelligence on individual user preferences, behaviors and communities, providing highly detailed aggregated statistics and analysis that may be shared with trusted third parties.

It does this without altering or changing the tracked content in any way. ViralTrack is capable of maintaining the original quality of the content across several sequential forwards, therefore contributing to a larger viral penetration and increased incremental revenue. It provides operators and their content providing mobile 2.0 partners with the ultimate digital tracking and profiling capability.

Operators can now precisely track the true spread and reach of campaigns that include any combination of rich multimedia elements such as pictures, audio, video or text; a step forward from today’s basic text SMS campaigns where the intrinsic nature of the text makes tracking obsolete and irrelevant.

The true reach of a campaign may be tens of times larger than the number of recipients of the original message, providing significant wholesale, retail and CPM revenue uplift. ViralTack provides an incredibly accurate, real time reflection of the number of subscribers in receipt of the operator CRM driven or third party branded campaign that can be independently verified, measured for ROI analysis and when applicable, charged for on a per receipt basis.

Mercury ViralTrack not only monitors the viral forwards throughout the network, it also computes in real time the personal viral network of each subscriber, per content item, providing the operator with valuable segmentation information, ranked on different criteria.

This behavioral and preference information is captured as part of the subscriber’s profile and used for future campaigns, adding substantial value by identifying those with a history of forwarding or responding to calls for action for specific types of premium or advertising content.

Costi Manda, chief technology officer and managing director for 3ple-Media said: “Deep, real time Intelligence about subscriber preferences and behaviors provides operators with an incredibly valuable competitive differentiator with regards to traditional competition from other operators, and also in relation to the new players in the multimedia value chain, including internet, advertising and big media companies. The intelligence provided by ViralTrack firmly entrenches mobile operators at the heart of the new multimedia economy.”

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