4G can bring workers in when out and promote productivity, says teliqo

As the government and leading mobile network operators reveal that a so-called “peace deal” between EE, its rivals, and Ofcom will see legal challenges cast aside and 4G mobile services rolled out across multiple networks six months earlier than originally proposed, teliqo’s Russell Lux believes that the time has come to recognise the potential of 4G to radically improve employee productivity and organisational efficiency in businesses.

Lux, Commercial Director at bespoke telephone solution provider teliqo, highlighted the benefits of 4G as the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets in the workplace drives the implementation of mobile working and Bring Your Own Device initiatives: “The arrival of 4G in the UK is fantastic news as working practices evolve and businesses look to capitalise on the myriad benefits of mobile working models while also addressing the challenges presented by the ever-increasing volumes of data traffic that their networks are required to bear,” he said.

“Faster and more reliable access to information, with the capacity to effectively implement much more complex communications solutions, enabling constant availability of colleagues and clients – all massive pluses to come out of the 4G launch, especially for organisations in highly mobile industries such as construction and property management,” Lux continued.

Lux also emphasised the potential of 4G to turn phones into computer replacements that will help employees maintain productivity wherever they are: “Essentially, 4G has the potential to make the phone a device that communicates in the same way as your desktop or laptop, providing similar or even superior connectivity and data transfer rates and enabling employees to work just as efficiently out of the office as they do in it,” he concluded.

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