5-Minute Fraud Tester

Call Management vendor MIND has produced a simple and easy to use spreadsheet based application that will reveal within five minutes how exposed an organisation is to comms fraud.

Managing Director Mark Armstrong says, “Toll fraud is the use of corporate resources by internal or external individuals for making unauthorised calls. Hackers or fraudsters illegitimately access phone systems primarily to obtain free calls, steal company information or cause malicious damage.”

Mind also says companies should examine the practice of Desk Skiving

“A recent survey of 1,500 employees found that over one third of respondents averaged 30 minutes a day on personal tasks when they should be working. It also estimated that as many as 20% of all calls were none business related.

30 minutes a day equates to 6,900 hours, or over 3 weeks per year on personal matters using company resources during work time. Multiply this by the number of employees, add the call costs, cost of salary, lost productivity and potential missed revenue then the cost to the business is astronomical.”

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