62% of Business Networks Lack Appropriate BYOD Security

The results of a survey conducted by expert IT solutions consultancy ramsac suggest that well over half of companies do not have a policy in place to securely manage employee owned devices being used in the workplace. The survey showed a worrying 62% of responders are yet to enforce privacy and security measures through the use of third party devices using the business network and WiFi services. The results also show that nearly two thirds (58%) have concerns about the implications of mobile device users on corporate IT security.

Robert May, Managing Director of ramsac commented on the results, “Despite the growing levels of mobile device and remote access usage on many corporate networks (our results suggest 87% of businesses allow this either across the board or for specific members of staff), there is still a noticeable gap between making this facility available and fully protecting it against misuse. To paraphrase the old adage, the security of any business network is only as good as its weakest link and sadly it would appear that in many cases, staff-owned devices are that crucial gap in the corporate IT defences.”

The survey was held in conjunction with ramsac’s recent ‘Technology on the Go!’ seminar which was held in Guildford and covered a number of related mobile working topics including the 4G Network roll out and the implications for business usage, a look at the mobile devices in the pipeline and the potential benefits of using them and also the management of mobile devices and the risks associated with them.

Robert May added, “Having spoken to delegates at the seminar and looking at the results, it is clear that there is still progress needed in many businesses with regards to sensibly adopting a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy. Interestingly of the responders that advised that they allow remote access, the majority had it in place for management, technical staff and mobile sales people rather than for the whole company, so it could be that there is a perception that this presents less of a risk. However, as an IT support company with a broad range of clients, we have seen that an unauthorised incursion into a company’s IT systems can happen through any endpoint if it is not properly secured. We would urge any business that uses remote access or BYOD to fully review its security procedures and if necessary to seek independent advice from a professional IT team to ensure that the benefits of being able to use business systems from any location don’t end up causing more risk than they are worth.”

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