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‘Bionic Van’ Road Show Success

To support their recent UK road show to all major UK radio stations, Broadcast Bionics, a global leader in software development, consultancy, support and hardware distribution to the broadcast and installation markets, needed fast and reliable IP connectivity.

Kirsten Smith, Business Development Manager at Broadcast Bionics, commented, “We specifically focus on telephony, playout, scheduling, consoles and audio over IP solutions. Our unique relationship with leading suppliers from around the world, combined with in-house expertise in software development, IT and broadcast allows us to focus on meeting every broadcaster’s needs.

Our ‘Bionic Van’ contained a fully functional radio station, with an emphasis on Social Media – with continuous analytics, and the production of sharable video content for radio. This, by its very nature, requires a good level of connectivity. This is easier in a fixed location, but tricky to demonstrate to customers on the move.

Smith continued, “To make our UK road show work we needed rock solid IP connectivity and for this mission critical application we picked the acknowledged world leader in bonding router solutions, Viprinet Europe and their UK Distributor Wired Broadcast.”

Viprinet UK Sales Manager James Deadman commented, “The Broadcast Bionics national road show is a classic example of the kind of application our bonded WAN router solutions are designed for. Multiple locations where there is no timely or affordable fixed line access available are a perfect roles for our solutions which offer a dramatically faster throughput than competitive products.”

Broadcast Bionics worked closely with Viprinet’s national distributor Wired Broadcast who has extensive experience of the specific needs of radio broadcasters and how they like to set up their communications systems.

Patrick Gunning, Broadcast Operations Manager at Wired Broadcast, commented, “Without the Viprinet bonding solutions this road show would have presented a huge challenge to undertake in terms having of reliable, fast and robust connectivity available at all locations.”

Picture & Caption:
Pictured outside Wired Broadcast offices in London at the start of their tour is the team from Broadcast Bionics, together with colleagues from Wired Broadcast and Viprinet.
From left to right:
James Deadman (Sales Manager UK, Viprinet), Patrick Gunning (Broadcast Operations Manager, Wired Broadcast), Kirsten Smith (Business Development Manager, Broadcast Bionics), Phil Bignell (Broadcast Systems Architect Broadcast Bionics), Frank Ruge (CSO, Viprinet), Dave Walters (Viprinet Product Expert, Wired Broadcast)

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine