8el Launches Operator Console for its VoIP Service

British managed voice and data communications provider, 8el introduces an Operator Console for CallPort, its managed ‘business grade’ VoIP service launched last autumn. Since IP is not bound by geography, the console removes the need to have an operator on every site, as well as providing advanced call handling features.

Says commercial director John Rees, “Technologically speaking, this is a real breakthrough and we believe puts CallPort ahead of any other IP Centrex voice service on the market today. The benefit of IP Centrex is that it is a very flexible managed approach, with the ability to divert calls via alternative routes, unlike IP PBXs, where the service is ‘point to point’ and therefore, not resilient to failure.

“However, the one common criticism that can be made against IP Centrex is that the lack of central operator administration makes users feel that they do not have full control. With the introduction of our Operator Console, they now have the kind of call management features found in advanced PBX solutions.”

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