8el’s IP Centrex Takes Aim at LCR and Cheap Minute Providers

Next Generation Network operator, 8el, has announced the launch of their full portfolio of NGN services saying with cost cited as the main driver by companies assessing VoIP solutions, their NGN enabled family of services will deliver significant financial savings to businesses including free local and national calls to all UK destinations.

8el’s Managing Director, Justin Hamilton-Martin, commented: “It’s a radical step not to be charging for local and national calls, but with the decline in margin and price of fixed line telephony and the advent of IP based NGN technology 8el is well positioned to capitalize on this changing marketplace. With the incumbents slow to react, dynamic companies like 8el, who are in tune with customers, can drive the market before the other players realise the opportunity. 8el is able to turn the technology advances into genuine business benefits for our customer base.”

“Minute termination has become a commodity market and in this customer centric society, businesses should expect value for money from their service providers. 8el’s NGN CallPort solution is leading the market by offering their customers the ability to completely eliminate charges for national, local and site-to-site calls. 8el’s fully managed CallPort solution provides an alternative to a traditional phone system and for customers considering an upgrade to an IP PBX. By implementing an 8el VoIP solution, IT decision makers are able to substantially reduce their total cost of ownership for telecoms.”

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