8×8 Strives to Improve Customer Experience with X Series

8×8 has announced the launch of X Series, a new platform that combines call, collaboration, conferencing and contact centre solutions to help businesses improve customer experience.

Although 72 percent of businesses say improving customer experience is their top priority, very few have built their communications infrastructure to enable the interactions that drive best-in-class customer experience. Many enterprises today have siloed point solutions each for voice, contact centre, collaboration, and conferencing. This historical approach to communication results in costly infrastructure, slow time to resolution, fragmented interaction data and analytics.

X Series transforms the customer experience by providing the enterprise with the ability to intelligently and quickly collaborate in the cloud across any channel and access the company’s most critical data, analysis and experts. With customers and employees interacting in one system of engagement, enterprises can also now optimise valuable moments of engagement with one set of data in one system of intelligence. “I don’t know” is eliminated from the resolution process as X Series brings the history, current context, and internal experts all together during the initial interaction. The end results are faster time to resolution at a lower cost and a better experience for customers and employees.

The new X Series platform provides enterprises with one set of data, one workflow engine, and one analytics engine inside one solution for voice, meeting, team collaboration and contact centre. With one system of engagement purpose-built to deliver a superior customer experience, companies can now take advantage of:

●Context-Rich Engagements: 8×8 X Series arms contact centre agents and employees with complete context before they start a conversation. X Series has native CRM built-in and also integrates with third-party solutions like Google G-Suite, Salesforce, Zendesk and Netsuite to provide rich contextual insights such as previous engagements and preferences.

●Collaborative Contact Centre: X Series allows businesses to harness the collective insights of the organisation through real-time collaboration with peers and instant access to subject matter experts. Companies can significantly increase performance by empowering their employees to move from chat to voice to video to web conferencing with one click.

●Advanced Customer Journey Analytics: Instead of piecing together data from multiple systems, X Series provides the enterprise with a view of the customer journey from the moment they reach the contact centre through to issue resolution. In addition, X Series offers advanced analytics based on a single data-set for all employee and customer interactions that enable the enterprise to continuously improve the customer experience.

“Customer-obsessed companies are looking for a communications infrastructure that helps them transform their employee and customer experience,” said Vik Verma, chief executive officer at 8×8. “X Series is designed to radically change how companies deliver unparalleled customer experience by providing intelligent interactions between their employees and customers.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine