Callsign provides Three UK with improved Fraud protection

Callsign has joined forces with CKH Innovations Opportunities Development, a unit of CK Hutchison’s telecom division, to improve fraud detection and prevention for the benefit of CK Hutchison’s 3 Group customers.

Three UK will be the first 3 Group operator, and the first mobile operator in the UK, to enable Callsign’s enhanced customer protection technology.

The Callsign solution improves fraud mitigation by providing additional customer ID verification to banks, based on specific fraud risk triggers notified by Three UK. This can help protect customers from fraudsters who use fraudulent means, such as email or phishing scams, to obtain an individual’s personal data deceptively and use it to gain access to their phone number and bank account.

CKH IOD CEO Susan Buttsworth said: “We are committed to helping our customers who want to protect themselves from online fraud and enabling customer authentication and ID verification solutions that are secure for the individual and trusted by service providers.

“Our partnership with Callsign will help improve SIM-swap and call-divert fraud detection for our customers.”

The combination of Callsign’s enhanced ID detection technology with Three UK’s customer insight means that it can help identify when a fraudster may have accessed a genuine mobile subscriber‘s phone number.

Callsign Head of Partnerships Ryan Gosling said: “For years now, I have been helping banks fight fraud, especially as they realise the fallibility of the password.

“As mobile banking has taken over, at Callsign we are increasingly working with the mobile industry to help them protect their customers from banking fraud.

“By adding Three UK’s intelligence with Callsign’s intelligence, we can offer the most robust solution on the market.”


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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine