Aastra Announce More Efficiency with IntelliGate 7.6

Aastra is launching the new 7.6 software release for its IntelliGate systems. To meet the ever-increasing demand of small and medium sized businesses for mobility and productivity, Aastra is introducing an improved Fixed Mobile Convergence solution. This seamless integration of mobile telephony with enhanced software to easily and efficiently manage calls while in the office makes it a powerful and innovative solution for the SMB market. Three new terminals also extend Aastra’s comprehensive range of office telephones.

With its strong presence in the SMB telephony market, Aastra say they are best placed to understand the needs of small and medium sized businesses. With more emphasis being placed on efficiency and mobility, Aastra is helping SMB companies to make the most of their existing or new Aastra Intelligate systems and improve the productivity of their workforce.

One of the most exciting features of this new 7.6 release is the improved integration of mobile phones into the company’s own IntelliGate communications systems. Without any software installation on mobile phones, remote workers can now enjoy the same popular communications features of their desk phones while on the move (such as call transfer, brokering, conference and call back). On top of these productivity enhancing features, this improved mobile integration enables potential cost savings, through the internal processing of calls.

Furthermore, with mobile phones such as the Nokia E Series with a SIP client, small and medium sized businesses can leverage the versatility of open standards communications and easily create a simple and effective FMC solution by using these mobile phones as SIP extensions within the office WiFi network.

The new Aastra Office Suite which is also part of the 7.6 release offers an extremely user-friendly and customisable CTI interface (computer telephony integration) to manage all communications efficiently. With presence management that can be fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Office Suite enhances team and customer interaction as users can not only see at a glance extension status, but also presence indicators. With an intuitive and well structured interface, employees can make the most of the numerous communication features from their PCs and customise terminal settings and functions according to their needs (for example: contacts, calls and messages journal, presence profile, alerts for meetings or appointments, choice of notification for missed calls…). And there is no disruption to work as Office Suite windows are only displayed when required and calls can be made directly from the address book.

Thomas Stephan, European PLM Manager SME Systems at Aastra says, “Now, more than ever before, small and medium businesses demand communication tools that are as efficient as the solutions available to larger companies. And our new i7.6 and Office Suite software addresses this demand perfectly well. These new solutions also underline the growing importance of software for enterprise communications and Aastra has the required expertise to offer to its customers the best of open standard technology.”

The 7.6 release and Office Suite is available for existing Aastra customers using its IntelliGate systems and new customers choosing our market leading communications solutions.

With this new release, Aastra is also extending its range of terminals with new digital telephones: the Office 60/70/80. These new terminals offer the same functional design and intuitive features introduced on Aastra’s successful range of IP phones launched earlier in 2007. The Office 70 and 80 also include a convenient integrated headset plug (DHSG standard) and, the Office 80 features an elegant blue back-lit display and an integrated keyboard.

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