Aastra Launches IntelliGate 150 and 300

PBX vendor Aastra has launched two new additions to their IntelliGate range saying that now even the smallest of businesses can benefit from the Aastra IntelliGate’s full range of telephony features.

Both the new IntelliGate 150 system which supports up to 10 subscribers and the new IntelliGate 300 which supports up to 50 subscribers offer the full range of proven IntelliGate features, previously only available to larger deployments. Features include the latest IP capabilities including native SIP trunk support, and advanced CTI capabilities, provided from a new compact and attractive package. The highly flexible hybrid design of the 150 and 300 supports the full range of technologies including Analogue, Digital, DECT, ISDN and IP, together with a totally modular architecture to ensure maximum investment protection.

The new chassis have been designed for ease of installation, with the ability to be desk, wall or rack-mounted. The compact chassis comes with all connections and controls easily accessible from the front, using industry-standard jacks to guarantee seamless integration to a building’s wiring structure. Configuration and maintenance are handled by the well-proven Windows based AIMS software package, which has been further simplified to accelerate the deployment of a new system.

The new IntelliGate 150 and 300 systems run the latest i7 software which is now also available to existing Aastra customers to run on the larger IntelliGate systems – 2025, 2045, 2065. An upgrade for i5 systems purchased in 2001 onwards costs £250.00 and offers access to VoIP, CTI and improved, in-built voicemail features such as an auto attendant option for each user.

Broadband and VoIP support allows remote-office and home workers to be connected to the IntelliGate 150/300 systems with access to all of the same features and facilities as their office counterparts. This includes “CTI” whereby all users can have their Microsoft Outlook contacts and calendar information integrated with their phone, once again wherever they are located. Both Aastra IntelliGate 150 and 300 systems support SIP Trunks, which offer cost effective and flexible IP links to an operator’s network in the place of traditional ISDN. As well as cost savings, SIP trunks permit users a “virtual” local presence allowing users to have an apparent presence anywhere in the country or even worldwide, and easily move and divert numbers between exchanges.

Using VoIP, the new IntelliGate 150 and 300 can also be connected to a larger network of IntelliGate switches, providing full feature transparency across offices for multi-site companies. . Management of the whole network of satellite systems is then performed on the single central switch, smoothing the installation and maintenance process.

The drive to offer the most efficient telephone system on the market underpins Aastra¹s launch of the IntelliGate 150 and 300 systems, along with its new i7 software release. A broad portfolio of innovative terminals, features and applications provide an efficient, user-focused solution which combine with the latest cost saving IP telephony technology to create a compelling proposition to the small business owner.

Mike Ballantine, business development manager for Aastra says, “The new i7 release enables all Aastra customers to upgrade their current system to help them maximise the benefits of IP Telephony, while the new IntelliGate 150 and 300 systems reach out to a new target market. The very small to medium sized businesses who want certainty that their telephone system will be able to grow with them will benefit from choosing the Aastra solution.”

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