Aastra Provides Simplified and Customised Deployments Of SIP Phones

Aastra has announced new services designed for resellers and service providers to simplify the mass deployment of Aastra SIP phones. Phones no longer have to be unpacked, configured, and repacked by the service provider before shipping to the customer.

Aastra says their Redirection and Configuration Services (RCS) deliver ‘touchless’ deployment, allowing phones to be drop shipped directly to the customer. The MAC address of the SIP phone is entered into Aastra’s Global RCS server in advance of shipment. The customer simply plugs in the phone and, when booted up, it will be routed to its assigned server for configuration.

“Aastra continually strives to provide applications focused on delivering additional value for both our partners and customers,” said Alan Reeve, Managing Director, UK and Ireland for Aastra. “Aastra’s RCS is a ‘win-win’ for both audiences – it simplifies deployment for our partners allowing them to be more responsive and deploy systems more quickly and with fewer errors, resulting in a better customer experience. We have already seen great interest from our partner community.”

The Aastra RCS also provides capabilities for ‘soft’ branding of the SIP phones, Web UI and SIP header. This capability improves brand recognition for service providers and allows them to provide customised Sales and Support links for easier access by their customers.

“Zultys has been using the Aastra RCS application to configure and soft-brand Aastra SIP Telephones for some time now and it has provided great savings and efficiencies” said Neil Lichtman, Chairman & CEO of Zultys, Inc. “We are able to receive a generic Aastra SIP telephone and convert it to a Zultys-specific device in minutes, saving us time and effort. To date we have processed tens of thousands of devices without issue and we look forward to continued use of this solution.”

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