Aastra Unveils Stringent New Ethical Sourcing Policy

Aastra has launched a new ethical policy to further ensure that its manufacturing partners conform to stringent guidelines on areas such as health and safety, treatment of staff and the environment. Aastra’s ‘EthoSourcing’ policy – based on the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) – contains procedures which all the company’s contract manufacturers (CMs) must adhere to and is monitored by dedicated Aastra auditors.

Aastra’s EthoSourcing programme covers a wide range of issues, such as health and safety, wages and benefits, forced and child labour, harassment, abuse and non-discrimination, as well as sound environmental practices. Aastra’s auditors are involved from the initial CM selection stage and monitor factory conditions throughout the lifetime of the contract. Aastra partners are expected to comply with the ISO 9001 standard for sound management and the ISO 14001 standard which regulates the environmental impact on an organisation’s practices.

Rudy Scholaert, Vice President of Global Supply Management for Aastra, said: “Aastra’s goal has always been to develop and market quality and competitively-priced communications products and systems for the business markets. At the core of this policy is our belief that products must be manufactured in a manner which promotes our concern for the human condition, especially given that we have expanded strategic partnerships in emerging markets.”

As a sign of their continued commitment to their global social responsibilities Aastra’s suppliers, CMs and service providers are also encouraged to join Aastra in actively supporting a number of global projects to help foster social development around the world.

“While many technology companies pledge a greater commitment towards environmental sustainability, Aastra goes a step further in fostering ethical business practices across its value chain. Its ‘Ethosourcing’ programme characterizes supply chain management with a conscience; helping partners achieve a healthy triple bottom line” added Sharifah Amirah, Research Manager, ICT Europe at Frost & Sullivan.

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