ACCESS launches apps for Android

ACCESS, a global provider of advanced software technologies to the mobile, has announced the availability of new versions for three of its NetFront Life Series apps for Android smartphones.

The updated apps include NetFront Life Browser v2.0, NetFront Life Documents v2.0 and NetFront Life Screen v2.0. All three apps include integration with the popular Evernote service as a principal new feature.

ACCESS has also expanded its NetFront Life app series with the addition of NetFront Life Connect, a new solution that brings DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) network interoperability and functionality to Android smartphones. The new versions of ACCESS’ NetFront Life apps are currently available for download on the Android Market, while NetFront Life Connect will be available for download later in February.

Evernote is an award-winning service for mobile devices, PCs and the web that allows individuals to capture notes, photos, clip web pages, track tasks and to-dos and much more. Content captured in Evernote is instantly synchronised across platforms, making it accessible and searchable from any mobile device or computer. Evernote currently has nearly seven million users in the US and other markets throughout the world.

The integration of Evernote with NetFront Life version 2.0 apps adds a compelling new level of functionality and utility. For instance, documents accessed or viewed with NetFront Life Documents v2.0 or web page clippings created with NetFront Life Browser v2.0 can be directly saved out to a user’s personal Evernote account quickly and seamlessly. NetFront Life Screen includes the Evernote app icon as a pre-installed icon on its Ring List, enabling quick, one-click previews of Evernote content via Screen’s Quickview function, with actual data accessible via one additional click.

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