ACT Conferencing Rolls Out Service Enhancements

ACT Conferencing has released several new service enhancements to improve its audio, web and video conferencing solutions and customer support.

Enhanced Security (Passcode+PIN Option for Reserved Conferences) – Participants register online using a valid email and receive an event confirmation that contains a unique PIN, which must be entered to access the call. This PIN not only provides enhanced security, but also provides the identification information of that caller to the moderators or speakers.

Audiocasting – The ReadyConnect Web Meeting audiocast feature enables Web Meeting conference hosts to stream the audio from an ACT ReadyConnect conference to Web Meeting participants’ computers. Web Meeting participants who receive the audiocast do not have to dial into the audio conference. Instead, they are able to listen to the audio using their computer speakers or headphones.

Guest Mute Override – Guest Mute Override increases security for ReadyConnect conference calls. Hosts now have the option to begin reservationless calls in mute mode and participants can then unmute themselves on an as-needed basis. This new feature is the direct result of customer requests. Customers felt this feature was important for large calls where participants may be dialing in while on the go which can sometimes cause noise interruptions. Users can set their preferences by contacting ACT customer services.

New Hold Music – ACT has refreshed its hold music with tunes written and produced by an ACT employee.

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