ACT Identifies Integrated Recording Services Opportunity

According to ACT Conferencing, integrated recording services are gaining in popularity across the global enterprise as companies consider innovative ways to increase productivity and improve communication both internally and externally. This year, ACT has noted a steady increase in inquiries and sales specific to its integrated recording services which enable companies to record blended audio, web and video communication.

“We are receiving more inquiries from current and potential customers about our recording services, how they can be used and the benefits they offer,” said Marina Bogard, chief sales and marketing officer, ACT Conferencing. “Basic audio recording has been around for years, but now that web and video technologies have hit the mainstream, businesses are discovering new ways to integrate these technologies and leverage recording services in the workplace to improve communication and productivity.”

Recently, companies have discovered several benefits from using integrated recording services. For example, rather than summarise ideas in a five-page document, some executives find it more effective to summarise points in a five-minute audio/video recording. Not only does this save corporate decision-makers time in reviewing written documents but recordings add the human element of a voice and a face along with verbal and emotional expressions that are often lost in written communication.

Pre-recording investor relations (IR) quarterly earnings calls is another growing trend. Where the IR presentation must be flawless, pre-recording the presentation permits executives to perfect their delivery of critical information and removes the pressure of speaking live. Once the pre-recorded portion of the earnings call is played, executives can then participate in a live question and answer session.

Mandatory training is another example for which recording services can add value. For example, many companies require employees to participate in sexual harassment training. Using recorded presentations for these types of mandatory training sessions enable human resource professionals to more effectively track participation as some recording services can log participant names and length of participation to provide proof that education was completed. This proof can protect companies from related liabilities.

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