Actian Corporation & Influential Software to Deliver Supercharged BI Solution to Publishing Industry

Influential Software has signed a reseller agreement that will see the independent software consultancy offer Actian Vectorwise, the record-breaking analytic database as a key part of the services it provides to some of the UK’s biggest publishers. Under the agreement, Influential Software will build the turbo charged data management software into the business intelligence and big data projects it delivers to the publishing community, enabling them to access affordable and powerful business analytics for the first time.

Influential Software managing director, Andy Richardson, explained: “Publishers the world over are grappling with the digital revolution sweeping through the literary world. The explosive growth in e-books and apps have, along with steadily fragmenting sales channels, made the business of producing, distributing and selling books infinitely more complex. As publishers grow ever more reliant on online business they face a formidable challenge in reconciling sales information from multiple e-book platforms and e-tailers with the revenues they receive.

“Effective analytics hold the key to ensuring that publishing remains a profitable business. By providing powerful analytics at a very competitive price, Actian Vectorwise helps us deliver value for money to an industry which is struggling to keep pace with the rapidly evolving business models and requires cost- effective solutions.”

“The publishing industry is in a state of flux. The growth in digital publishing and online retailers means publishers need to stay on top of the fast moving trends in order to survive,” commented Steve Shine, CEO of Actian. “It is therefore crucial for them to know exactly what stocks they have, the kind of titles that are selling and through which channel, making high performance business analytics essential for the success of their business.

“This partnership ensures that publishers have access to fast and cost-effective business intelligence at their fingertips without breaking the bank, and more importantly it enables them to focus on their core business of discovering and nurturing literary talent.”

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