Aculab Announces Availability of New ApplianX IP Gateway

Aculab has announced the general availability of its new ApplianX IP Gateway which has been enhanced to support a multitude of capabilities and protocols. The company says it gives enterprises, SMBs, and service providers a cost-effective, intuitive and flexible device to deliver next generation communications solutions through existing infrastructure.

“One of the biggest challenges our customers face is the need to leverage the myriad of benefits associated with IP communications while minimizing capital expenditures,” explains Faye McClenahan, Head of Strategic Marketing for Aculab. “This version of the ApplianX IP Gateway offers businesses and service providers a flexible, cost-effective and compelling solution. It not only satisfies their evolving communications requirements but also enables customers to extend the lifecycles of their existing equipment and take a phased approach to VoIP and unified communications adoption.”

Highly regarded for its ease of use and low administrative costs, the ApplianX IP Gateway supports a wide range of international protocols, making the device suitable for worldwide deployment in both enterprise and service provider networks. A number of leading solution providers, including Avaya and Cisco, have already certified ApplianX to allow integration with legacy TDM-based PBXs.

The latest version of the ApplianX IP Gateway includes enhancements, such as support for Diversion, Transfer, Message Waiting Indicator, Route Optimization, Three Party and Hold functions over SIP, Q.SIG and DPNSS protocols, making it the first gateway to deliver these capabilities to both SMB and enterprise customers.

Further improvements include a wider range of routing options for both SIP-to-TDM and SIP-to-SIP conversions, as well as improved load balancing between endpoints on a round-robin basis, ensuring that calls are automatically routed away from unresponsive endpoints. TDM fallback support enables the ApplianX IP Gateway to complete inbound and outbound calls even in the event of an IP network failure.

“Most technology vendors are increasingly insistent on all-or-nothing approaches for deploying IP technology, which often forces businesses into enduring very costly and disruptive network upgrades just to utilize these services,” notes Robert Arnold, senior analyst with Current Analysis. “The philosophy behind the ApplianX IP Gateway appears to be much more logical. Businesses can rely on this product to integrate IP at their own discretion while optimizing their existing infrastructure and thus avoid the needless hassle associated with rip-and-replace solutions.”

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