Aculab’s GroomerII Upgraded to Include Enhanced SIP and H.323

Aculab, an enabling technology provider for the global communications market, has announced that it has upgraded its GroomerII by integrating its acclaimed Prosody X IP media processing platform. Already established as a complete solution for any telco or enterprise function where there is a need for protocol conversion and intelligent call routing, the addition of Prosody X takes the ongoing evolution of GroomerII stage further through adding enhanced IP functionality.

“GroomerII has always been a showcase for Aculab’s digital network access cards, so the addition of Prosody X was an easy decision”, said Product Manager, Ian Colville.

Unlike commodity gateway products, GroomerII provides customers with enormous flexibility in configuration and usage, including many routing and billing features, otherwise available only by using a separate softswitch or media gateway controller. Taking full advantage of the progress in Aculab’s enabling technology portfolio, it facilitates interconnection and conversion between a rich legacy of ISDN and CAS protocols, plus SS7 ISUP and IP protocols, SIP and H.323. As a stand alone integrated appliance, it has no peers when it comes to looking for a resilient and reliable, tried and tested solution that can be deployed practically anywhere in the world.

GroomerII is installed in many locations worldwide to solve a variety of problems. It has been used by numerous telecommunications equipment manufacturers (TEMs) as a protocol converter to interface their equipment to public networks. Similarly, network providers have installed GroomerII as a means of connecting their enterprise customers’ PBXs, running a variety of disparate protocols, to their networks. Now, with Prosody X on board, GroomerII provides a reliable, cost-effective means of interconnecting not only TDM networks, but also H.323 and SIP networks and equipment, such as IP-PBXs from the likes of Avaya and Cisco.

Speaking again on this latest development, Colville said, “The provenance of GroomerII is as a powerful and adaptable problem solver. It has always been more than simply a protocol converter. Integrating Prosody X creates another milestone in the history of GroomerII, which means that the broad spectrum of users – service providers, systems integrators, telcos and TEMs – have the ideal solution for their TDM-to-IP – that’s SIP or H.323 – conversion and/or routing requirements GroomerII allows them to connect their equipment to or from next generation networks; extending the capability of existing infrastructure, reducing costs and helping to deliver revenue generating services.”

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