Aculab’s SS7 API Extension Makes Life Easier for Users

Aculab, a provider of enabling technology for the communications market, has announced the availability of an API extension for its SS7 stack that will enable users to readily integrate essential maintenance features into the status and control framework of their SS7 applications.

The new API provides user functions for the query and retrieval of essential MTP and ISUP state information, such as configured links and linksets and circuit identification codes (CICs) with their call processing and block states. User functions are also provided to allow, for example, the activation and deactivation of any configured link and the maintenance block/unblock of configured circuits. State information is obtainable from all distributed hosts where trunks carrying signalling links or bearer channels terminate.

Aculab’s redundant, high performance SS7 stack is available under a cost free licence for use with its digital network access cards and Prosody family of media processing platforms. The stack presents both ISUP and TCAP APIs and compatible hardware is available in a variety of form factors, including PCI Express. Aculab’s Prosody product range provides essential, high density media processing and digital network connectivity for use in a range of VoIP and SS7 telephony applications, from gateways and IVR systems to prepaid and SMS solutions. The portfolio of media processing platforms has been specifically designed to enhance a range of communications solutions, targeted at both carrier and enterprise markets.

Speaking of the API extension, Ian Colville, SS7 Product Manager at Aculab said, “This new API enhances the already powerful maintenance features of Aculab’s SS7 software and provides highly accessible status monitoring and control for developers and systems integrators implementing solutions with our SS7. It reinforces the value inherent in our high performance, dual redundant and distributed SS7 stack, which is available under a cost free licence for use with Aculab’s cards.”

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