Adax Launches Security Solution

With the risk of security threats ever increasing as growing numbers of mobile subscribers access the core network via the Internet, Adax has launched a new all-in-one solution to help operators protect users and their data.

The new Adax SEG+ is a security gateway that will enable operators to have greater control of their networks and help deal with a general culture of security threats, which has opened up a whole new portal for unwanted users to infiltrate data packets on the core network.

The product delivers performance, reliability and scalability in a solution that secures the connection between untrusted networks and the core in a complete carrier grade solution.

Robin Kent, director of European operations, comments: “Network attacks are an issue that all operators are aware of but don’t necessarily have the right technology and cost effective solutions in place to deal with. The Adax SEG+ offers high quality, robust security performance through hardware acceleration at low cost for high bandwidth and scalability.

“The product interfaces with the core to simplify design so it reduces the operator’s capital expenditure as well as operational expenditure. Adax SEG+ will be of major benefit to operators looking to ensure their networks are safe from unwanted users.”

The product uses the most current IPsec security features including MOBIKE, IKEv2, TCP/IP firewall, IPv6/IPv4 support, and 64-bit platform support.

Mr Kent adds: “Without full IPsec security implementation, network operators will expose their customers to everything from the nuisance of spam calls to the extreme threat of data or even identity theft, so it’s vital that operators of all sizes are equipped with a solution.

“Our latest technology allows operators to secure their services and customer data to concentrate on utilising and developing new technology to relieve pressure on the core network to ultimately provide users a better quality of service.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine