Adding Value – Call Management

Campbell Williams, Marketing Director, Charterhouse Voice and Data says that Charterhouse tends to find that call management is sold in two ways.

“Firstly, it is reactively provided when a customer is sure they have toll fraud or user abuse, and they need to investigate. It is not often sold proactively.

The second scenario is when entry-level call management, now costing as little as £1000, is sold as justification for other applications. Specifically, initial call management utilisation is used to justify to the customer – or for the customer to justify internally – any investments in call recording systems or contact centre technology. For the former, call management identifies that there are clear abuses happening, so the customer buys call recording – usually from the same supplier as a software upgrade – to monitor staff more effectively. For the latter, call management proves that calls to the company or to certain departments have high abandon rates, thus proving that call centre technology is required for more effective customer service.

Charterhouse’s approach is simple: we listen to what problems our customers are facing handling incoming calls and to what problems they feel they are having managing staff call usage. Call management is the starter for 10; if that can meet their needs, that is all that we provide. If it highlights significant issues, we use it to work with the customer to design a call recording or call centre solution, and use the call management statistics to justify the investment.”

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