Adding Value with Call Management

Mark Shane, Marketing Manger at ICON says that with the new generation of IP-PBX’s such as the Vertical Wave it is all about solution selling and this means identifying the business needs and how call management can be used to the benefit of the business. Call management is a key issue in almost all industry sectors. For example, studies of retail environments show that 20% to 30% or more of all inbound customer calls are likely to fail.

Mark says in this sector you need to manage your voice channel as effectively as possible. Often the traditional telephone solutions are not able to do this and many retail organisations have little or no visibility into their customers’ calling experience. Caller information would be of great value in allocating staff and stocking inventory, evaluating marketing programs and optimising the communications infrastructure itself. With a potential of 20—30% lost calls the cost to the business of not managing this channel effectively is hefty.

The new generation IP-PBX solutions such as Wave IP with its built in applications as standard enables the business infrastructure itself to listen and intelligently respond to many routine customer calls and provide management with detailed, real-time reports on all customer calls across even a large, multi-site enterprise.

The key to better call management says Mark is a solution which integrates desktop and enterprise applications with voice communications in a streamlined system that is easy to deploy and manage. The Wave IP solution is especially designed to achieve the goal of greater call management by consolidating voice, data networking and voice-enabled applications into a single integrated platform.

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