Adept Sales Lead Success

Royal Tunbridge Wells based Adept Telecom has scored success with their sales lead program following their presentation to 80 resellers at BT Tower at the end of May to launch a range of new channel incentives designed to help their partners gain new business and lock customers in to longer term contracts and customer relationships.

At the launch Adept’s Sales Director Joe Murphy elicited from the resellers present at BT Tower that most currently sell PBX systems.

“Getting appointments is difficult for many sales people and how often do you hear people say, ‘I used to get orders from existing customers. They are not expanding anymore. No-one signs long term contracts anymore. My potential customers have no money. There’s no CAPEX budget.’ Likewise Murphy notes other reseller say; ‘I have not got the right products or prices. Some people don’t believe the prices I am quoting. Other companies, such as O2 and Vodafone, are selling products to my customer. I don’t make any money on a sale any more. Prices are dropping so margins for me are reduced. I have to sell higher priced stuff to make any money.’

Mindful that PBX sales can drive sales of ISDN30, Adept allocated a 25k budget to source PBX leads for their channel partner, “If it works we’ll increase the budget. There is no limit. We’ll give you a few leads to start. If you sell fixed line, then we’ll give you more leads.”

This week Adept’s CEO Ian Fishwick CEO said, “We are delighted to say that we have signed fixed line contracts valued at over £200,000 in the first 4 months since launch as a result of the free PBX leads campaign.”

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