Adeptra launches new smartphone m-banking app

Adeptra, provider of auto-resolution technologies that span the consumer lifecycle, has announced a new fully interactive mobile application called MobileDirect.

Available in the third quarter 2011, Adeptra’s MobileDirect mobile application will bring real time fraud, collection and marketing communications to consumers’ smartphones. It will add pure mobile as a fourth communication channel and complement Adeptra’s existing voice, SMS and email capabilities. With a fully tokenised capability, the application will also offer direct pay options to process consumer payments.

The app will be available as a standalone application that can be branded by banks and card issuers. It will also include a library of capabilities that can be integrated with existing bank or financial institution consumer based applications.

It will enable banks and card issuers to meet consumer demand for personalised real-time mobile communications, and offer timely and convenient smartphone applications to notify consumers of important account alerts, including potentially fraudulent transactions, account authorisations, account updates, core servicing as well as payment reminders.

MobileDirect also provides a compliant-friendly route to customer opt-in for banks and card issuers which need to adhere to text and mobile communications regulations. This is achieved by the consumer’s explicit approval to receive mobile communications and to accept the terms and conditions on downloading the relevant app from the Apple App Store, Android Marketplace or BlackBerry App World.

This opt-in process will also allow banks and issuers to categorise users’ mobile numbers and discern them from landline numbers, while also capturing other relevant data such as smartphone model.

Tony McGivern, CTO for Adeptra said: “At Adeptra we are committed to developing communication solutions that enable our customers, including some of the world’s largest banks and card issuers, to build sophisticated real-time communication strategies.

“To us, communications should focus on the ability to treat consumers as individuals, not as processed transactions. This means financial organisations need to use all relevant communication channels to deliver two-way conversations to their consumers. With more than 300 million smartphones shipped around the world annually – a figure that will only grow – mobile is a crucial communication channel in the consumer lifecycle.”

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