Adfonic launches integrated mobile video advertising

Advertisers can now run TV-style video campaigns across Adfonic’s global network of mobile sites and apps
New offering includes industry-first end-to-end measurement of mobile video user engagement

Global mobile advertising marketplace Adfonic, today announces the availability of its new integrated mobile video advertising product, which enables advertisers and agencies worldwide to replicate the power of a television or online video ad on a mobile device screen. Advertisers can plan and buy mobile video campaigns across Adfonic’s global iOS and Android inventory providing access to circa 200 million unique users each month via a network of approximately 10,000 publishers.

The newly available mobile video campaigns make use of a device’s native iOS or Android video player to offer a seamless transition which takes the user from the ad within a mobile site or app straight to a high quality TV-like video commercial. As soon as the video concludes the user is returned to the app or mobile site. This level of user experience has previously eluded mobile video ads, which required navigation to a remote player such as YouTube to view the video clip.

The new offering delivers the industry’s first end-to-end video product aligning mobile with traditional audio visual experiences parallel to those of cinema and TV and integrating real-time measurement of user engagement. Adfoinc’s unique engagement score metric tracks individual users’ viewing time of a video in order to assign it with an engagement score. This score can be used alongside traditional metrics such as number of clicks and the click-through rate to empower advertisers with a real-time view of user engagement time with their brand as their campaign runs.

Paul Childs, Chief Marketing Officer, Adfonic commented: “Mobile sites and applications are now attracting audiences comparable with those of popular television programmes and mobile video advertising campaigns can bring the brand engagement experiences and quality of TV and cinema advertising to mobile.” He continued: “We are proud to have developed the industry’s first end-to-end engagement metric, giving advertisers real-time insight into how users are interacting with the video elements of their mobile ad campaign. This level of visibility over campaign effectiveness is unheard of with TV or cinema advertising and offers the holy grail of campaign measurement.”

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