Advanced Health & Care is first to launch Electronic Call Monitoring on NFC–enabled Samsung mobile p

Advanced Health & Care (Advanced), a UK supplier of IT management systems for the health and care sector, today announces the launch of Electronic Call Monitoring (ECM) using near field communications (NFC) enabled Samsung mobile phones.

ECM allows care providers to monitor their care workers’ visits to service users’ homes via mobile telephones, improving service delivery, cutting costs and providing both data security and lone worker safety.

Advanced is the first UK provider to deliver an ECM solution using NFC-enabled Samsung mobile phones. With ECM, care workers record each time they arrive and leave a service user’s home by simply touching their NFC-enabled mobile phones against an RFID tag fitted within the home. Advanced also delivers an optional lone worker safety pack which provides GPS tracking, an emergency alarm and safety zone checking.

ECM on Samsung mobile phones (which uses Advanced’s iConnect system), complements Advanced’s landline-based call monitoring solutions (StaffPlan Monitor and StaffPlan Roster), making Advanced the only provider offering such a comprehensive monitoring proposition. The landline call monitoring allows a care worker to dial a freephone number from the service user’s landline telephone to record their visits.

Advanced’s call monitoring solutions can be used in any combination to provide commissioners and providers with exceptional flexibility and resilience.

Jim Chase, Managing Director from Advanced Health & Care says, “We are the first in the UK to provide such a unified call monitoring solution using NFC enabled mobile phones which can also be used alongside landline technology.”

The data that is collected from iConnect and StaffPlan Monitor is fed back to Advanced’s Staffplan Roster system in real time, giving managers a holistic view of electronic timesheets so that they know exactly when staff arrive and depart from their shifts.

Chase says, “Our customers are always striving to improve service levels against reduced budgets and so we are excited to be able to offer this new NFC technology with Samsung. Using ECM from Advanced, organisations can save administration time and communication costs, increase productivity and decrease overheads.”

There are approximately 7,000 users of iConnect as part of ECM. Samsung models that ECM is currently available on include the Samsung Tocco Icon and Samsung Quick Tap. Advanced expects to make announcements about the availability of ECM on an even wider range of devices in the New Year.

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