Advantex Frying High!

A Gateshead technology firm is ‘frying-high’ after winning a contract to supply a new internet-based telephone system to the UK’s oldest independent supplier to the fish and chip market.

Advantex Network Solutions Ltd, which specialises in telecoms and IT infrastructure services, has won the work to supply and install the IP (internet protocol) phone technology at Henry Colbeck’s Team Valley and Coatbridge sites together with a new wireless network.

As part of the work, Advantex will be providing a contact centre to improve the recording and reporting of customer calls for quality control and training purposes.

Henry Colbeck will also be taking advantage of the government’s Business Connection Vouchers scheme to fund some of the cost of the cabling and phone line installation work.

Under the scheme, the Government has earmarked funding worth £150 million to enable businesses in the region to apply for up to £3000 to pay for super-fast broadband connectivity and associated hardware such as wireless and internet security.

Paul Holliday, financial director at Henry Colbeck, said: “Advantex has specifically designed a system to meet our current and future needs. This will not only provide long term cost savings but ensure high quality communications are retained as the business moves forward.”

Head of communications Andy Shannon says businesses like Henry Colbeck recognise the flexibility and cost savings available using the new internet protocol (IP) technology.

“IP telephony is a fast growing sector and companies like ours are in the vanguard of meeting the need for high quality, seamless services customers across the UK demand.

“We are investing in our services and next generation products from manufacturers like SpliceCom to ensure customers can take advantage of this flexible technology and benefit from high quality, trusted solutions that add value to their own business activities.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine