Aeroflex supports Auto-Test II for Motorola’s APX 7000 and 7500 radios

Aeroflex, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeroflex Holding Corp, has announced today the software option release of 390XOPT604 automatic test and alignment software for Motorola’s APX 7000 and 7500 mobile radios.

The APX Series radios are dual band and can be configured with any two band combinations. The application will test and align both bands. Mobile power alignment is included in this option and alignment time for both bands on the APX mobile is approximately 16 minutes.

The radio’s standard USB programming cable is used directly by the 3920 to control the radio in test mode. Both analog and digital tests are performed to ensure the radio is performing at optimum performance. Alignments are available for Power, Frequency, Deviation Balance and Front End. P25 Performance tests are available for Modulation Fidelity, Symbol Deviation and RX BER (Bit Error Rate). Proper alignment will ensure the radio has maximum coverage performance.

Test results are automatically stored each time a radio is tested. Stored test results can be moved to a computer or printed directly from the instrument itself. Specifications are user definable allowing specific customer requirements to be accommodated.

The application also has the ability to sweep test cables to gain a loss factor for each test frequency that is being tested. Loss factors can be much different between frequencies and bands. The compensation factor is automatically applied to all power readings as well as a compensation factor for the signal generator when testing RX BER.

The 3920 is the latest in next generation portable test equipment for advanced professional analog and digital radio communications. Building upon a long-standing reputation for excellence in professional radio communication tests, the 3920 from Aeroflex sets a new benchmark for quality, ease of use, performance, and value. It supports a wide variety of Motorola technologies including SmartNet™/SmartZone™, P25, HPD® and MOTOTRBO™ test capabilities. Designed as a software-defined radio test solution, the 3920 is used worldwide for testing digital radio technologies.

The software option 390XOPT604 is now available. Current 3920s must have Aeroflex’s latest software version,, in order to download this application.

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