Aethra Announces the Future of Videoconferencing Rollabouts

Aethra has announced the international launch of Athena, the new rollabout system unique for its original modular features. From the choice of monitor to the type of set top, materials and colours, Athena is customizable to individual requirements, as well as offering exclusive security technology and an ultra-slender and light-weight structure. Designed by architectural studio aMDL, Athena represents the new concept of ‘Made in Italy‘ professional video conferencing.

Athena offers countless possible configurations: from the choice of the monitor, single or double, 32”, 42”, 46”, 50” and 52” screen; to the selection of which professional video communication system to choose from Aethra’s Vega X Line (X3, X5 and X7) both in Standard as well as High Definition; with integration of the Vega X7, Athena can provide multi-point connections in High Definition and offers IPv6 functions. Athena is a dynamic choice, capable of evolving over time to adapt to technological developments both in terms of industry standards and high definition, as well as to future customer requirements.

In addition to the versatility of its technological content, Athena is also the first rollabout to offer a vast range of possible looks. First, the colour of the easel can be matched to that of the monitor, available in two tones: black and dark grey. Plus, the plexiglass structure is available in a range colours: opal, pearl grey, total black, sky blue, aethra orange and red cherry. The flexibility of Athena is a reflection an idea conceived by renowned Italian architect Michele De Lucchi, who combined within its structure elements of both solidity and lightness. The result is not only a very high quality video conferencing rollabout, but also a system with a stylish design to personalize each individual environment.

The practical wheels, its lightweight structure and minimal lines all work together to allow the solution to be moved easily and rapidly from one conference room to another. The management of a professional video communications network can be entirely created around the flexibility of Athena, optimizing all the invested resources.

Thanks to the “security mode” function included in all the system combinations, Athena is a hacker-proof rollabout that guarantees certified protection of audio, video and data transmission.

“Here at Aethra we are convinced that in addition to the hi-tech components of a system, the look of a solution is an important factor when it comes to professional video communication”, explains Elena Viezzoli, International Marketing and Brand Strategy Director of Aethra. “The selection of an Aethra solution goes beyond time, CO2 and financial savings: it is the evolution of a mind-set and approach to how we work. Athena is the epitome of flexible communications and reflects the demands of today’s market, offering total versatility for remote collaboration, plus the opportunity to express one’s own individuality, fundamental in today’s society”.

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