Affiniti OpenQueue Ends Frustrations

MM Teleperformance, the UK’s third largest contact centre outsourcer, has contracted Affiniti, the communications integrator, to deploy its ‘OpenQueue’ call back solution. OpenQueue will help MM Teleperformance answer customer calls during peak periods and ensure excellent customer experience by offering a call back option.

MM Teleperformance has a nation wide network of call centres in the UK and delivers a 24/7 multi-channel enquiries service to its clients’ customers. Affiniti’s OpenQueue system will help MM Teleperformance reduce the time customers spend on hold during bursts in traffic. The system comes into operation when 3,000-plus enquiries can be received within an hour, by offering customers the option to request a call back. This ensures customers are not held waiting in a queue and can be called back as soon as an agent is free or when it is convenient to the customer.

MM Teleperformance began using OpenQueue in June 2006. On one particular Monday over 24,000 incoming enquiries were received – during peak times this amounted to upwards of 5% of calls being held in a queue. The deployment of OpenQueue, considerably eased the burden, with three quarters of those in queue opting to take the call back option rather than continuing to wait on the phone for a response.

OpenQueue is an automated real time system based on technology from Netcall, the UK’s leading provider of call back, auto-messaging and contact solutions. It will initiate a call back to the customer when an agent becomes available, who will take it as a normal inbound call but with the advantage of the caller’s recorded name first being played to the agent, enabling a more personalised service.

Stephen Crew, Operations Director of MM Teleperformance explained: “It is very important to us that customers consistently receive a good service. For this reason we need to continuously look for ways to improve the customer experience. OpenQueue allows us to offer customers an alternative to waiting on the phone with the option of requesting a call back, which we believe goes some way to improving the customer experience. We can also personalise the return call with an agent greeting the customer by name.”

Suzette Bouzane-Meadows, Head of Contact Centre Solutions at Affiniti commented: “Customer experience is everything and contact centres are often at the ‘coal face’ of customer relations. The service received can make or break brand loyalty and it can be a true differentiator. But all contact centres have the challenge of getting the staffing levels right. OpenQueue is a major step forward in overcoming the challenges of managing traffic bursts. It allows you to deal with the peaks in a very positive way and put your customers’ needs first.”

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