Agito Networks announces cheaper roaming and international mobile costs

Agito Networks, the company delivering solutions in enterprise mobility, has announced the availability of Agito Global Enterprise. The Agito Global Enterprise solution includes Agito’s RoamAnywhere Mobility Router v4.0, a powerful mobile unified communications (UC) product, purpose built for enterprises to help them mobilise enterprise voice and UC applications to increase mobile worker productivity, while reducing costs.

Highlights of Agito Networks’ new release include support for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, as well as the BlackBerry Bold 9700, with Agito Networks delivering superior voice services over previous solutions. The new release also includes new enterprise-class features, including a new platform able to meet enterprise scalability requirements of up to 10,000 users, which is the most in the industry.

Agito Networks’ RoamAnywhere Mobility Router extends UC, PBX and deskphone features to mobile phones, while providing handover between WiFi, 3G and cellular networks. By leveraging the Agito RoamAnywhere architecture built for network abstraction to now extend to 3G, mobile costs are further reduced beyond leveraging just WiFi, which other solutions are limited to, while also improving in-building coverage.

Delivering enterprise VoIP and mobile UC capabilities across diverse networks, including WiFi, 3G and cellular for most BlackBerry, iPhone and Nokia platforms, Agito Networks slashes international direct dialling, roaming and hidden overage charges, reducing international cellular expenses by up to 80% in most cases. RoamAnywhere v4.0 can now move mobile users’ calls when away from WiFi coverage to 3G cellular data networks which are paid as a flat rate, keeping callers away from costly cellular networks and rates.

Agito Global Enterprise continues on the company’s track record for innovation by uniquely enabling enterprise business calls and UC applications, such as IM and presence, to use a smartphone’s low cost 3G internet data connection and WiFi, in addition to the cellular network, to reduce international cellular charges by up to 80 percent.

According to Gartner: “Through 2010, 10% of users that travel internationally will be 35% of the total service costs for companies that support travel. Through 2014, 80% of enterprises will overspend by an average of 15% on their wireless service costs. (Enterprises should) look to next generation alternatives like mobile unified communications and voice over WLAN technologies to incorporate wireless, which adds value and synergy to enterprise communications.”

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