Airmiles members swap mobiles for flights

Airmiles, the UK travel reward scheme operated by The Mileage Company, has launched a mobile phone recycling programme allowing members to collect miles by disposing of their mobile phones in an eco-friendly way.

The average UK consumer replaces or upgrades their mobile phone every 18 months and research suggests that each person has at least one spare phone; research from Ofcom published in 2007 outlined that there were between one and two mobile phones in every household.

Now Airmiles is offering its members a way to put their redundant handsets – working or broken – to good use by turning them into Airmiles and helping the environment by recycling.

Members can calculate the miles they will collect from their mobile phone on the dedicated area of Airmiles’ website, then send in their handsets to collect up to 750 Airmiles, enough for a free return flight to destinations including Paris, Amsterdam or Brussels or a return Eurostar journey to Paris or Brussels.

The scheme will be managed in partnership with ShP, an e-waste recycling company that operates mobile phone recycling programmes. All phones received will be safely and securely reconditioned to be reintroduced into developing markets or recycled for their components.

Andrea Burchett, director of relationship marketing and Insight, said: “We know that Airmiles members want to boost their miles balance in ways that fit into their lifestyles and match their values. We’re pleased to offer this new collection opportunity which rewards our members for avoiding unnecessary waste.”

ShP marketing and sales director, Simon Walsh, added: “ShP is delighted to partner with The Mileage Company on this recycling initiative. Not only will it reward Airmiles members with miles, it will also help reduce the UK’s e-waste by preventing mobile phone handsets ending up in landfill.”

As well as rewarding members’ green behaviour, The Mileage Company is re-investing all profits from this recycling programme into environmental projects approved by the United Nations.

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