Airwide expands mobile security offerings

Airwide Solutions, provider of next generation mobile messaging infrastructure, applications and solutions today announced it has partnered with Sentry Wireless, a provider of patented firewall technology for SIM and handsets, to expand its mobile security offerings for wireless operators.

Under terms of the agreement, Sentry will join the Airwide Solution Partner Program and Airwide will integrate Sentry Wireless’ SpamGuard mobile security product into its AirGuard AntiSpam suite, providing mobile operators with an end to end, network to handset solution for guarding against spam, viruses, spoof, malware, fraud and phishing.

The recent iPhone SMS hacking scandal is the latest in a string of high profile mobile security breaches that demonstrate the vulnerability of mobile devices, particularly high end smartphones, to malicious attacks that target users’ private data and threaten an operator’s brand.

With the opening up of networks to third party applications and the mobile Web, as well as the market shift toward bundled SMS, subscribers must be protected from fraudulent parties and unwanted content. In response to these increasing threats, Airwide and its security Solution Partners offer mobile operators integrated, network-to-handset anti-spam solutions that shield subscribers from unwanted or dangerous messages and keep costs and potential churn down for operators.

By analyzing and monitoring all messaging traffic on the network regardless of its point of origin, Airwide’s AirGuard AntiSpam protects against attacks originating from inside and outside the home network.

Now with the integration of Sentry Wireless’ SpamGuard technology, operators will also be able to offer a mobile device client that allows subscribers to report spam via a single click. Reports are logged in a central reporting system where spam classification is performed and propagated to enforcement points in the network. This enhanced security offering is fully integrated and supported globally by Airwide and governed by the company’s standard Service Level Agreement.

“The opportunity for application-based services is enormous, but it also brings risk; opening up the network to new applications and content also inevitably invites fraudulent and malicious attacks,” said Jay Seaton, CMO of Airwide Solutions.

“With the potential to significantly slow the uptake of emerging services like mobile finance or mobile marketing, Airwide realizes the urgency with which these security threats must be addressed. We welcome the addition of premier mobile security providers like Sentry Wireless to our Global Alliance Network to provide operators with the ability to completely protect their subscribers.”

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