Airwide ushers in the next phase of Mobile Messaging 2.0

Airwide Solutions, a provider of next generation mobile messaging and mobile internet infrastructure, applications and solutions, has unveiled a separately scalable Service Innovation Module designed to help operators rapidly launch high quality applications.

The Service Innovation Module also enables operators to enhance existing and upcoming services with unique assets, context and intelligence while minimizing cost and without disruption to the existing infrastructure. The new Airwide Service Innovation Module which can cut the amount of time necessary to rollout new and enhanced services by up to 75%, the company claimed. This yields significant cost savings, jumpstarts additional revenue generation and allows operators to play a more significant role in mobile data services.

The subscriber interest in mobile applications is clear; Apple’s App Store, just one of many examples, now boasts more than 25,000 downloadable applications, and the blogosphere is buzzing that it may become a $1 billion business by the end of 2009. Additionally, research shows that smartphones will account for 23% of all new handsets sold by 2013, driven by the proliferation of online stores selling specialized applications, according to Juniper Research.

Turning the tables on the idea of competing with app-stores for subscriber wallet share, Airwide’s Service Innovation Module lets operators enrich applications with unique capabilities like messaging and browsing, location, user profiling, presence, security, charging and others, making them more powerful, feature rich and aligned with subscriber expectations. In the process, operators can secure the appropriate share of untapped revenue opportunities, generate more interactive engagement with subscribers, and regain control of the subscriber experience.

Jay Seaton, CMO of Airwide Solutions, stated: “At the current rate of mobile application innovation, operators can’t possibly predict what their subscriber base will be demanding and accessing six months from now. And with Airwide’s Service Innovation Module they won’t need to. We’ve designed the Service Innovation Module with this need for versatility, speed and quality in mind so that operators can enhance virtually any application with contextual information and support as well as quickly rollout the new mobile applications their subscribers demand without risking disruption to the underlying infrastructure.”

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