Akixi Welcomes New Head of Marketing

Akixi is excited to welcome Kelley-Ann Young Kong to their team. Kelley-Ann has been appointed as Head Marketer and is responsible for managing all Marketing ventures for Akixi.

Kelley-Ann joined Akixi’s Crawley based office earlier this month, she arrives from Surrey and has a background based in B2C Marketing with a degree in Psychology.

Managing Director Bart Delgado comments, “We are delighted to welcome Kelley-Ann to Akixi and believe that she is a wonderful addition to our team. She joins our team as our first and only Marketer and we believe she will be successful in making Akixi a well-known name in the Telecoms world. Even though she may be new to the Telecoms Industry she has a keen understanding of our position in the industry and we believe she will bring a new prospective to the company.”

Kelley-Ann comments “As a newcomer to Telecoms I am very excited to be thrown into this booming industry and I look forward to the challenge of marketing in a new environment. I believe with a set of fresh eyes I hope to bring something new and creative to Akixi.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine