AKJ Announces WLR3 Strategy

Aurora Kendrick James (AKJ), the provider of tailored billing services to the reseller and IT Service Provider market has announced that they will be offering WLR3 functionality to their contracted customers at no additional charge. Furthermore, they also commit to never applying a transactional toll for access to any of the (free) dialogue services which are made available through WLR3 or any of the other WLR3 capabilities.

This strategic decision was made following detailed discussions with BT Openreach and industry specialists that could support them to bring these services to their customers.

Matt Atkinson, MD of AKJ comments “AKJ has always worked on the basis that core developments that are in the best interest of our customers to keep their systems up to date should be part of the service that we offer and not be at an additional charge”.

“AKJ currently offers a fully integrated WLR2 solution that provides our customers with one system to manage orders, billing and customer care; WLR3 represents a natural evolution of this system for our customers.” With respect to the costs for this new service Matt Atkinson comments “We have reviewed the costs and whilst these are significant, we have reached a scale where we will not look to recharge these to our customers”.

He continues “We see this as an important step in AKJ’s development and more importantly of critical importance in ensuring our customers can maintain a competitive advantage over their competition.”

AKJ’s services enable resellers to significantly reduce long term operating costs by integrating back office operations such as order provisioning, billing, fault and task management, CRM and Finance through a single management system.

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